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One-Time PIN

One-Time PIN

An OTP is a unique PIN that is generated in the Kogan Money Credit Cards Mobile App or can be sent by SMS to your registered mobile phone.

OTPs allow us to authenticate your identity before you update your personal details or request other changes to your account and preferences.

After you log in, you will be able to view your account balance, transaction history and view available offers without entering an OTP.

You won’t be able to set up new payments, view messages, view statements, view or change your profile, lock your card, report your card as lost or stolen, change your PIN, request changes to your credit limit or close your account without entering an OTP.

We take the security of your account and personal information seriously, which is why we require this additional layer of authentication before you can access some features.

No, you will generally need a mobile to receive an OTP.

You could choose to generate an OTP through the Kogan Money Credit Cards Mobile App on an iPad, but to do so you would need to have previously created an account (and received an OTP through your registered mobile number) and an active network connection.

You can still receive an OTP via SMS if you choose, although we recommend using the Kogan Money Credit Cards Mobile App to generate your OTP while you are connected to Wi-Fi, to avoid potential charges from your mobile carrier.

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