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Paying with BPAY

Paying with BPAY

Yes, if you have the BPAY Biller Code and Reference Number for the company you are making a payment to.

You can make BPAY payments through the Kogan Money Credit Cards Mobile App or Kogan Money Credit Cards Online.

In the Kogan Money Credit Cards Mobile App, select ‘Payments’ and then ‘Pay Bill’ to make a payment to any BPAY Biller you have previously set up, or an ad hoc payment to a new BPAY Biller.

In Kogan Money Credit Cards Online, you can make payments to an existing BPAY Biller and set up a new Biller. You will also be able to review scheduled payments and manage your payees through the ‘My Payments’ section.

You can add and delete payees in the ‘My Payments’ section under ‘Manage Payees’ on Kogan Money Credit Cards Online.

Yes. To schedule a payment for a later date, select ‘Future Date’ when providing payment details. For a recurring payment, select ‘Schedule a recurring payment’.

No, there is no fee to use BPAY with your Kogan Money Credit Card.

Yes, you can use BPAY to pay your account.

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