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Withdrawing Cash

Withdrawing Cash

You can withdraw cash from an ATM/EFTPOS machine using your Kogan Money Credit Card and your Card PIN.

You can withdraw up to your available cash limit however there is a maximum of $1000 cash per day.

You can also withdraw cash at any Bank@Post Australia Post outlet with your Kogan Money Credit Card and your Card PIN and also over the counter at any bank in the world that displays the VISA symbol.

Yes, standard Cash Advance fees and charges may apply. For overseas transactions, currency conversion and other fees may apply.

Cash withdrawals are also charged interest at the applicable Annual Percentage Rate for Cash Advances.

You can find information about the interest, fees and charges relevant to your card in your Financial Table. For more information, you can chat with us anytime by logging into the Kogan Money Credit Cards Mobile App and clicking ‘Chat with us’ located under the ‘Help’ tab.

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